Online Lecture Course Starting from October 30th 2007


One of the GCP projects, online lecture course, will kick off on October 30, 2007. This lecture course will offer students an opportunity to develop real-time, interactive discussions across four countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Japan. To find more details, you can simply click the download button below to open the course brochure.


Conference: The Fifth Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning: Access to Learning for Development


13 to 17 July 2008
London, United Kingdom

This forum puts emphasis on ‘access to learning for development’ with purposes of ‘international development goals’ and ‘education for all’ especially focusing on the topics of ‘children and young people’, ‘health’, ‘livelihood’ and ‘social justice and governance’. The deadline for abstract/proposal is 30 November 2007.

For details, the Commonwealth of Learning and the University of London

Conference: War & Race


19 to 21 June 2008
Aix-en-Provence, France

This conference refers to the conflicts and wars among human in different races. The deadline for abstract/proposal is 30 October 2007.

For details, LERMA (English Studies Research Centre)

Conference: Peace keeping and International Conflict Resolution


17 to 19 March 2008
Durham, United Kingdom

This conference provides three meetings and lectures entitled ‘the nature of conflict’, ‘key concepts of conflict resolutions’, ‘conflict mapping’, ‘early warnings and conflict prevention’, ‘peacekeeping and conflict resolution in war zones’, ‘peace settlements and post-conflict peace building’, ‘the role of culture in conflict resolution’ and ‘gender issues’.

For details, Durham University

Conference: Peace and Conflict Resolution Conference 2007


7 to 9 December 2007
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This conference intends to raise awareness towards ‘the peace necessity and conflict resolution tools and techniques’ by sharing benefits, ideas and experiences among participants. This includes conflict management and a resolution study session. This program will fit various groups such as graduate students, NGOs, governmental agencies or community members.

For details, tomorrow people organization

Symposia: Global Symposium


7 to 10 December 2007
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

This symposium is recognized as the international civil society conference putting emphasis on peace building by the means of empowering of international court of justice. Major aims of this symposium will be ‘structure of world democracy & World parliament’, ‘world religions, spirituality and culture’, ‘education, human rights, grass root movements and role of civil society’ and ‘world peace and sustainable development’. The deadline for abstracts/proposals is 30 August 2007.

For details, World Movement for Global Democracy (an initiative of City Montessori School)

Conference: Global conference on Nonviolence and peace


3 to 5 December 2007
Abuja, Nigeria

The aim of this conference is to consider the strategies for preventing violence globally by exchanging experiences among participants and using the methods for democratic social change.

For details, Foundation For Ethnic Harmony In Nigeria

Conference: International Conference on Peaceful Coexistence


23 to 24 November 2007
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Fethullah Gulen’s Initiatives For Peace In The Contemporary World.
The need for peaceful co-existence among the people of various cultures has long been recognized. The much publicized failures in relations in recent years, which are both a cause and effect of the situation in many parts of the world should spur all right-minded people to re-double their efforts to sustain the hope for peaceful co-existence.
Fethullah Gülen is an Islamic scholar and peace activist whose ideas have inspired many people to undertake charitable works, especially in education and dialogue. Their work makes a practical contribution to constructive, positive relations between the West and the East, the North and the South, with special focus on issues such as democracy, multiculturalism, globalization, citizenship, and intercultural dialogue in the context of secular modernity.
This Conference aims to explore the appeal and impact of the Gülen movement’s worldwide initiatives to help people respond creatively to the profound social changes that are taking root everywhere.
The deadline for abstracts/proposals is May 31 2007.

For details, Organisers

Conference: 3rd International Conference on Gross National Happiness


22 to 28 November 2007
NongKhai /Bangkok, Thailand

The concept of happiness can be a transformative force in global development. Gross National Happiness challenges the development models based on GDP (Gross Domestic Product). This conference provides the opportunity to think about what the primary aims of development should be. The deadline for abstracts/proposals is September 15 2007.

For details, The 3rd international Conference on Gross National Happiness 2007

Conference: Rural ICT Development Conference 2007 (RICTD ‘07)


20 to 21 November 2007
Kedah, Malaysia

The theme will be ‘reaching the unreached in the globalization era’ and aims at promoting ICT dissemination by pursuing development. The deadline for abstracts/proposals is 31 July 2007.

For details, Associate Professor Abdul Nasir Zulkifli

Conference: International Education for Peace Conference – 2007


14 to 17 November 2007
Vancouver, B.C., Canada

This forum considers how to create the effective pedagogical applications for peace education for youth which takes the concepts of ‘a culture of peace, healing and excellence’. This also provides the opportunity to exchange ideas among peace education experts/leaders, government leaders and peace practitioners for pursuing safe and healthy learning environments.

For details, Education for Peace International

Symposia: International Symposium on Open and Distance Learning (ISODL 2007)


13 to 15 November 2007
Kuta – Bali, Indonesia

This symposium provides a good opportunity for ODL practitioners, development agencies and teachers/lectures. The deadline for abstracts/proposals is 20 June 2007.

For details, Center of Information and Communication Technology (Pustekkom) Ministry of National Education Republic of Indonesia

Conference: Capacity building and dispatch of peace building civilians – for dealing with requests from field


31 October 2007
Tokyo, Japan

This conference aims at the introduction of the ways of capacity building and dispatch in the case of several countries and international organizations. This will help to share experiences and fit related organizations, individuals, institutions and organizations.

For details, Hiroshima Peacebuilders Center

Conference: The Middle East in 2010


30 October 2007
Washington, DC, United States

This conference deals with the issues of Palestinian refugees, post-Iraq War jihadists, Iran and the future of US-Middle East relations.

For details, Middle East Institute

Conference: 1st International Congress on Conflict, Conflict Resolution and Peace


22 to 23 October 2007
Barcelona, Spain

This conference aims at addressing the issues of conflict resolution utilizing conflictology which analyses conflict causes and processes for building peace. More specifically, it provides;
 a meeting points for exchanging opinions among conflictology professionals such as universities, research centers and other specialized organizations and institutions,
 the opportunity to raise awareness towards various ways of approaches, initiatives and programs for specific goals in conflict resolutions and,
 the occasions for building collaborative relationships for creating initiatives, joint researches or forums.

For details, Initiatives and projects for living in peace