The Accounting Section is NOT in charge of purchasing books, DVDs, CDs, and Films.
These items should be purchased directly from the Library.
Travel expenses and payments cannot be reimbursed with the invoice for reimbursement form. Please confirm each procedures.
Any kind of purchases should always be made through the Accounting Section. Direct purchases from outside vendors cannot be reimbursed.
Low-prices from internet vendors do not justify purchasing directly without our approval.

The following will be covered by the fund

・Enrollment fee for attending/participating in academic conferences
・Overseas travel expenses such as car rental fees, gas
・Should you need to purchase specific items such as USB
※Bank transfer fee will be covered by the fund
※If faculty or staff purchase emergency supplies, they should bring them to the Accounting section to be verified.

Required documents to be submitted for reimbursement

 ※Please translate documents besides Japanese and English.

(1)Invoice for reimbursement(Please use the form below)

(2)Receipt or credit card statement

For purchases with foreign currencies, if faculty or staff submit a receipt for currency    exchange, then he or she will be reimbursed at the same rate.
Otherwise, he or she will be reimbursed at bank rate on the date of purchase.

In case faculty or staff will not be able to obtain the receipt, he or she should prepare a receipt form beforehand and bring it along so that foreign venders can fill it out.

(3)For academic conference fees, program or other official documents indicating fee amount.
Annual fee for academic conference, organization bylaws

If a conference’s enrollment fee is separate from a social gathering fee, we reimburse only the enrollment fee.
Please inform the administration staff in charge of travel expenses if conference fee includes lunch as this will reduce the daily allowance.
Please retain the documentation showing conference details because the conference website might be taken down after the conference is finished.

(4)Schedules in a rented car
※Please submit the schedule in a rented car with the invoice for car rental fees

Reimbursement form

Instructions for filling out the form

Example form
(1)Annual conference feecannot be funded by a grant for scientific research
(2)Conference enrollment fee