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Purchasing agreement

There is purchasing agreement between five national universities in Tama district to buy office products.

・Recycled paper for printing
・KING files
・Transparent garbage bags
※Please confirm the details, prices, and quantities in the table below.

Items included purchasing agreement will be ordered if no personal preference is given.

Specifications of items included purchasing agreement(F.Y. 2023)

Recycled paper for printing (OJI PAPER「WHITE Yamayuri100」)

Size Unit price(inc. tax) Order denomination
A3 \2,455 1 box(One ream 500 sheets×3 reams=1,500sheets/1 box)
A4 \2,046 1 box(One ream 500 sheets×5 reams=2,500sheets/1 box)
B4 \3,069 1 box(One ream 500 sheets×5 reams=2,500sheets/1 box)
B5 \1,534 1 box(One ream 500 sheets×5 reams=2,500sheets/1 box)
※Made from 100% recycled paper. Whiteness 70%.
※This is the same paper used by Printing Center.

KING files (KING JIM「KING FILE <Super Dotch>)  

Size Depth Product code Color Unit Price(inc. tax) Order denomination
30mm 2473GXA Blue \341 1 file
40mm 2474A Blue \473 1 file
50mm 2475GXA Blue \374 1 file
60mm 2476A Blue \517 1 file
70mm 2477A Blue \550 1 file
80mm 2478GXA Blue \429 1 file
90mm 2479A Blue \616 1 file
100mm 2470A Blue \605 1 file
30mm 2483A Blue \506 1 file
40mm 2484A Blue \550 1 file
50mm 2485A Blue \550 1 file
60mm 2486A Blue \605 1 file
80mm 2488A Blue \671 1 file

Transparent garbage bags 
Size Unit price(inc. tax) Order denomination
20L 0.02mm \2,440 1 box(600 sheets)
45L 0.03mm \5,381 1 box(600 sheets)
70L 0.04mm \6,600 1 box(300 sheets)
90L 0.04mm \6,959 1 box(300 sheets)

Order templates for items included purchasing agreement

Please send a written order by e-mail as below.

To; Accounting Section(会計課調達経理係) <>

Subject;(Type of budget, type of order products/service), name
      (科研費・物品)Gaigo Taro

Main body


Written Order

Name; Gaigo Taro
Delivery address; Room 70X, 7F, Research building (Delivery address is limited within university area)
Type of budget;
indivisual research fund
Contact number
; ext. 5000

Product type; Recycled paper for printing(purchasing agreement)
Product details
: A4
1 box
Notes; Items included purchasing agreement

If you require items specific included purchasing agreement, wite this in the note section.