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Message for my supporters from Patrick

October 4, 2022

Mr. Patrick Muhirwa, an exchange students to TUFS from the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS), sent us a message to his upporters. He will study at TUFS from Fall Semester 2022 to Spring Semester 2023.

He could realize his dream to study in Japan with the financial support for his life expenses by Yazaki Corporation and a roundtrip air ticket provided by the Inter-University Exchange Project (Africa), aka IAfP. We, with IAfP's members, will support him to make his life in Japan fruitful and secure when needed.

The following is his message.



Watashi wa Muhirwa Patrick desu, Rwandan, and a student majoring in Peacebuilding and Development in the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies at the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS) in the southern part of Rwanda. I love working in teams which has grown from football teams inspirations and group works at school, I like interactions and exchanges because I learn new things and grow.

I am overjoyed to have been given this opportunity to come to Japan as an exchange student at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) and would wish to write this message in Japanese, but my level is still low where currently, I know a few words in Japanese such as "Ohayo-guzaimasu", "Konnichiwa", "Konbawa", "Arigato Guzaimasu", "Sayonara", "Oyasumi", "Genki-desu" and "Doo-itashimashite", and learning Japanese has come on top among my priorities to raise the language ability.

I wish to learn the cultural solutions in Japan's re-construction process, global studies on contemporary issues for gaining lessons to take home and having good knowledge of Japan in the context of language, norms and values, religion, and social interactions. I am very interested to learn different courses, joining available clubs at TUFS as well visiting historical and cultural museums of Japan to grow deeper.

My sincerely gratitude to all people who made my dreams possible. I am deeply grateful to the Inter-University Exchange Project-Africa (IAfP) for taking care of my air-flight tickets, the African Studies Center at TUFS (ASC-TUFS) for the acceptance offer in the learning program. Special and deeper thankful to Yazaki Corporation and the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) for turning my dreams into reality and making my interests in Japan worthwhile by supporting my life expenses during my stay in Japan.

I would kindly like once again to say "Arigato Guzaimasu" to all my sponsors!

Muhirwa Patrick