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"Feel Africa" Exhibitors' Self-Introduction Movies

June 7 - July 6, 2022

The exhibitors of "Feel Africa: Message through Arts and Lens" introduce themselves in 30-second movies.

Achille Ndong from Gabon (D1, Joint Doctoral Program for Sustainability Research <JDPSR>)

Brandon Mark Bodenstein from South Africa (D2, JDPSR)

Elie Rodrigue Icishatse from Burundi (M2, Peace and Conflict Studies Course<PCS>)

Etuwete Shiningayamwe from Namibia (D2, JDPSR)

Fafa Sene from Senegal (D2, JDPSR)

Hanán Jeppie from South Africa (International Student Exchange Program<ISEP> student from University of Pretoria)

Ilef Salahuddin Mehrizi from Tunisia (D3, Graduate School of Global Studies)


Jato Emmanuel Wepngong from Cameroon (ISEP student from Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences<PIASS>, invited by Inter-University Exchange Project "Innovative Africa: Educational Networking Programs for Human Resource Development in Africa's SDGs" <IAfP>)

Lisa Sanders from South Africa (Research Student, Graduate School of Global Studies)

Paul Kani Bahoya from DRC (ISEP student from PIASS, invited by IAfP)


Samuel Amankwah Okoto from Ghana (M2, PCS)

Sarah Sherweedy from Egypt (D2, Japan Studies Program, Graduate School of Global Studies)

Shukulu Murekatete from Rwanda (M1, PCS)

Theresa Akuye Amui from Sierra Leone (M1, PCS)


Wusu Conteh from Sierra Leone (D3, Graduate School of Global Studies)