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March 19, 2021, 5:00 pm -

Workshop on the possibility of Japan studies

International Center for Japan Studies will conduct a workshop on the possibility of Japan studies toward next generation on March 19, 2021. It is jointly organized with African Studies Center - TUFS. The event was postponed last March due to COVID-19. In the event, they will invite Prof. Scarlett Cornelissen from Stellenbosch University, South Africa. She also has a close relationship with our center, and we invited her as a speaker of ASC Seminar in October 2018. The event is open to public and will be held online. ◆Title: Japanese firms and their investments and internationalization in Africa ◆Speaker: Prof. Scarlett Cornelissen (Stellenbosch University, South Africa) ◆Date & Time: Friday, March 19, 2021 5:00 pm - (JST) ◆Venue: Online (Zoom) ◆Language: English ◆Admission: Free ◆Pre-registration is required. Please register here by 4:00 pm (JST), March 18th, 2021. Enter your name in お名前, your e-mail address in メールアドレス, and your affliation in ご所属. ◆Jointly Organized by International Center for Japan Studies, TUFS and African Studies Center - TUFS
4:30 pm - 9:00 pm (JST), Sunday, November 22, 2020

International Zoom Symposium on Youth in Africa

An international zoom symposium on African youth will be held on November 22, 2020. Dr. Wakana Shino, an associate professor of Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) and African Studies Center - TUFS (ASC-TUFS), organizes it. Pre-registration is required from here by November 20, 2020. They also call for papers and essays from African graduate students which they plan to publish after the symposium. Please visit here for further information. ILCAA International Zoom Symposium:How Are Young People in Africa Thinking and Living? : Education, Unemployment, Aesthetics, Politics, and Singleness ◆Date: Sunday, November 20, 2020 ◆Start at: 4:30pm (UTC(Coordinated Universal Time)+9/JST: Japan) 10:30am (UTC+3/EAT: Uganda, Kenya) 8:30am (UTC+1/CET: Poland, Denmark) ◆Venue: Online (Zoom) ◆Program: Opening Remarks and Introduction4:30-4:45pm (JST), 10:30-10:45am (EAT), 8:30-8:45am (CET) Dr. Wakana SHIINO (Assoc. Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Japan) <Session 1> Impact of Education on Youth4:45-5:45pm (JST), 10:45-11:45am (EAT), 8:45-9:45am (CET) Dr. Chris OPESEN (Assistant Lecturer, Makerere University, Uganda)'Culture, Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education Aspects in East Africa: Ethnographic Evidence from the Pokot Context of Female Genital Modification Rituals' Dr. Soichiro SHIRAISHI (Assoc. Professor, Hirosaki University, Japan)'Extended "Age of Opportunity"? : Adolescence, Uncertainty and Globalism among Youth in East Africa' ☕Break 10mins <Session 2> Youth's Dream and Challenges5:55-6:55pm (JST), 10:55-11:55am (EAT), 9:55-10:55am (CET) Dr. Wakana SHIINO'House Girl's Life Plan in Nairobi: Reality and Dream' Mr. Takuya HAGIWARA (Researcher, Kyoto University, Japan)'Use of Sport ×Social Media for Moving on to the Next Stage of Life: A Case of Young Cyclists in Kenya' ☕Break 5 mins <Session 3> Youth, Music and Politics}7:00-8:30pm (JST), 12:00-13:30pm (EAT), 11:00am-12:30pm (CET) Dr. Piotr CICHOCKI (Assoc.Professor, University of Warsaw, Poland)'The Sound of the Young Mzimba: (Im)material Connections of Malawian Electronic Music' Dr. Nanna SCHNEIDERMANN (Assist. Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark)'Ugandan Music Stars Between Political Agency, Patronage and Market Relations: Cultural Brokerage and Digital "Bigness" in Times of Elections.' Mr. Ian KARUSIGARIRA (PhD Candidate, TUFS)'Facing up to Contemporary Political Absolutism through History and Threats: Aesthetics, LGBTI+ and the Youth Movements in Uganda' ☕Break 10mins Questions and Answers, Discussions8:40pm-9:00pm (JST), 1:40-2:00pm (EAT), 12:40-1:00pm (CET) DiscussantDr. Laban Kithinji KINYUA (JSPS Research Fellow, Hosei University, Japan)Prof. Peter ATEKYEREZA(Makerere University) Closing Remarks Dr. Soichiro SHIRAISHI and Wakana SHIINO ◆Language: English ◆Admission: Free ◆Pre-registration is required from here by November 20. ◆Contact: africayouthilcaagmail.com ◆Sponsorship:Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa ◆Endorsement: African Studies Center - TUFS
Thursday, November 12, 2020 5:40 - 7:10 pm (JST)

The 54th "Chinese Peace in Africa: From Peacekeeper to Peacemaker"

African Studies Center - TUFS (ASC-TUFS) will host the 54th ASC Seminar on November 12, 2020. This is jointly organized by Kanto branch of Japan Association for African Studies. The speaker is Dr. Steven C. Y. Kuo, who specializes in China-Africa relations. He will clarify China's peace policies and activities in Africa, as the country plays an important role as the largest contributor of PKO staff among the permanent members of the UN Security Council. The seminar will be based on his book of the same title published in August 2019 by Routledge. ◆Title: Chinese Peace in Africa: From Peacekeeper to Peacemaker ◆Speaker: Dr. Steven C.Y. Kuo (Research Associate, the Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa) ◆Date & Time: Thursday, November 12, 2020 5:40 - 7:10 pm (JST) ◆Venue: Online (Zoom Meeting) ◆Language: English ◆Admission: Free ◆Pre-registration is required. Please register here by November 10, 2020. The application will be closed as soon as the capacity reaches 300. ◆Jointly Organized by African Studies Center - TUFS and Kanto branch of Japan Association for African Studies
第54回「Chinese Peace in Africa: From Peacekeeper to Peacemaker」
July 16, 2020

The 51st ASC Seminar "Challenges and Responses to COVID-19 pandemic in African societies: Case reports from Cameroon and Uganda"

Date&Time: 7.16 Thu 17:40-19:10 (Japan time. GMT+9) Speaker: Fongnzossie Fedoung Evariste (University of Douala, Cameroon) Ian Karusigarira (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan) Venue: Webinar by Zoom Language: English Report: The seminar was held online connecting Africa and Japan as with the 50th ASC seminar. This time we invited African scholars from Cameroon and Uganda as speakers. The theme of the seminar was the responses to the COVID-19 pandemic on Africa societies. As an ethnobotany specialist, Dr. Fongnzossie reported the current challenges faced by traditional medicine experts and the potential of contribution by plant-based traditional knowledge against COVID-19. Mr. Karusigarira, a PhD. student of political science in TUFS who has just arrived in Japan from Uganda in quarantine, analysed policing strategy by the Uganda government and how it is perceived and translated by citizens. Some audiences joined connecting from Africa and the speakers had lively discussion with the audiences.
The 51st ASC Seminar

Isao MURAHASHI【Working Paper】“How Refugees Imagine and Strive Toward Their Future: The Aspirations and Hardships of South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda”

◆Name: Isao, MURAHASHI ◆Date of Issue: 12 April 2021 ◆Published in Promis(Research Center for Promoting Intercultural Studies, Kobe University) Working Paper Series ◆ Title of Article: How Refugees Imagine and Strive Toward Their Future: The Aspirations and Hardships of South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda (Working Paper #6) ◆Abstract: This paper adresses the aspirations and efforts of diplaced people to create new lives and opportunities, taking the South Sudanese refugees in Uganda as an example. Refugees are often perceived as people deprived of agancy and seen as different from "migrants." However, wartime migrants also aim for a "stable, comfortable life" along with self-preservation and security. It is often overlooked that becoming and staying as a refugee is a transformative experience. Migration can lead refugees to seek new opportunities, reshape their future, and become agents of change. This paper demonstrates how South Sudanese youth strive to improve their lives and imagine their futures by presenting the narratives of their daily lives, everyday practices, and livelihoods. Moreover, it takes two South Sudanese refugees as examples. One is an orphan who experienced family loss, repeated displacement, and structural disadvantages. The other became a pioneer migrant, leading his family and community members to escape to Uganda. Both frequently travel in and around their camp, pursing livelihood options in the face of economic challenges. Another way to understand the aspiration of refugees is through the axamination of their preferences in their utilization of photographic images. Refugees ogten prefer utopian or dreamy photographs to "real" images of their lives. Therefore, I discuss how displaced people plan and aspire to a future in the contingent conditions of Ugandan refugee settlements.

Member’s resignation and new members

April 1, 2021
Mr. Ryozo Myoi, who has served as an advisor of our center since it was established in 2017, resigned his position on March 31, 2021. He contributed to invite students from African countires and built a fundation of our activity to invite Afrcan students, one of our important activities. We will take over his work and make our best efforts to invite more and more students from African countries. On the other hand, we welcome three new members as visiting researchers: Mr. Laban Kithinji Kinyua, Ms. Altanjula, and Mr. Gohey Hayashi. They will conduct their researches with a collaboration with other ASC members on the following themes. Mr. Laban Kithinji Kinyua: The Political Economy of Digital Platforms in sub-Saharan Africa: How the Youths are Tapping into Stateʼs and Markets Decentralization Programmes Ms. Altanjula: 人間と動物の関係における呪術宗教的感覚―モンゴルとアフリカの比較研究 (Magico-religious sense in the relationship between human beings and animals: A comparison of Mongol and Africa) Mr. Gohey Hayashi: 木灰資源の活用と在地のモノ作り――自然エネルギー時代に向けた東北日本と中部アフリカ過疎地域農村の比較研究 (The use of charcoal as a resource and local manufacturing: A comparison of Tohoku Japan and depopulated rural area in Central Africa toward the era of natural energy)

The collections of essays by Japanese students and exchange students from Africa

The collections of the essays by TUFS students who have studied in African countries and exchange students from African universities who have studied at TUFS have been published. This is a part of the activities by Inter-University Exchange Project (Africa). You can also read the essays by African students we have invited and introduced in this website. You can enjoy how African students lives were in Japan, as well as the various experiences of Japanese students who studied, did internships, joined volunteer activities in African countries. * When you open the PDF file, you can see the icon on the left side. The contents will be shown by cliking it, and you can go to each essay by cliking each title.

We have launched a new yearly journal "ASC-TUFS Working Papers".

March 15, 2021
African Studies Center - TUFS has launched a new yearly journal "ASC-TUFS Working Papers". The new journal is based on our yearly publications from 2018 to 2020, which were composed of working papers. An editorial board was established to ensure quality control through the peer-review system. The members of the editorial board are following: Editor-in-Chief: Shinichi Takeuchi Editors: Kazue Demachi, Isao Murahashi, Ran Muratsu, Yumi Nakayama, Takanori Oishi, and Makiko Sakai Administrative Staff: Natsuko Midorikawa The "Volume 1 (2021)" was published in March 2021. You can read and download each paper from here.
『ASC-TUFS Working Papers』を定期刊行物化しました