[COIL] The Pacific War revisited

HARUNA, Nobuo/Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Course Description

As a common goal of all COIL courses, students are expected to cultivate intellectual flexibility and resilience through international academic discussions with U.S. students in English. As for this course in particular, students will problematize and re-examine their understanding of national and racial relations by exploring its re-imagination and reorganization during the Pacific War.

  1. Introduction
  2. Opening hostilities against the United States
  3. The decision to use A-bombs
  4. Wartime U.S-Japanese mutual perceptions
  5. Racialization on screen? Know Your Enemy: Japan (directed by Frank Capra)
  6. Wartime nation-building (1) Reunification of the Japanese people
  7. Wartime nation-building (2) Reunifying the empire
  8. Rethinking nationalism
  9. Racial order within the empire
  10. Racism and the “comfort women” system
  11. Preparation for the online (COIL) discussion
  12. Online (COIL) discussion
  13. Postwar racial encounters on screen: Tokyo Joe (1949)
    [Instructor] Akito SAKASAI
  14. Postwar racial representations
    [Instructor] Akito SAKASAI
  15. Summing up