Useful Information

Bank money transfer

Bank money transfer

  • International ATM service at Post Office
  • Transferring money from Japan Post Office from oversea bank account.
    • If you wish to transfer money to bank accounts abroad, please go to JP Bank at your nearest Post Office.

    How to?

    1. Please go to your nearest Post Office during the opening hours. You need to ask a service person at the counter.
    2. Please prepare the amount you wish to send in JPY. You will be asked to fill in the form so if you have difficulty in writing in English, please ask your host professor etc., for help.
    3. It will be changed to the currency of your country based on the TTS rate on that day.
  • Please note:
    • TTS rate will be changed in daily basis. USD will be changed its rate at 11am, and others will be changed at noon. If there are drastic changes in the rate, it may be changed more than once during the day.
    • You will be asked the purpose of the money transfer at the service counter. This is due to the Japanese Foreign Exchange Law.
  • Please fill in the form in detail:
    Purpose of your money transfer to be explained: Purchasing books/Sending money to your dependent/tuition fee/donation etc. Payments for goods purchase needs to provide explanations of goods in details.

You can ask at the post office to give you a guide book of “GUIDE TO INTERNATIONAL REMITTANCES” written in various languages.

As an option

  • SEVEN BANK International Money Transfer Service
    (Websites are also available in Chinese/Tagalog/Portugues/Spanish/Vietnamese/Thai/Indonesian)