How to order books materials (only for lecturers)

In this website, you will find how to purchase book materials using expenses.
If you would like to recommend books as “learning materials”, please go to “Books Request” or e-mail: tosho-ukeire[at]

How to order:

At TUFS, any books/goods can only be ordered based on a lecturer’s order form through the library. It is not accepted if a lecturer orders books/goods by herself/himself.

To order book materials,

  1. Please download the order form. You will find English comments on each cell. Fill in the form with the necessary information.
  2. Attach the order form to an e-mail, with the title 図書資料発注依頼 (please copy/paste this Japanese title)
  3. Send the e-mail to tosho-hacchu[at] (Ukeire-kakari of the library).

When the all the procedures are completed, you will receive an e-mail/phone call from Ukeire-kakari.

Deadline for ordering:

It may take longer if you order materials which are not publicly distributed, any import materials, materials from conferences etc. Please place your order early.

In terms of accounting procedure, please remember that the deadline should be kept. If any delay to the deadline occurs, it cannot be processed as this year’s expenditure.

  • Deadline for the order: Before 20th December 2015.
  • Deadline for the delivery of the ordered materials: Before the end of March 2016.

Difference between “備品” (permanent goods) and “消耗品” (exhaustible goods)

備品(permanent goods) are the materials which belong to the Library and considered to survive more than a year such as: books, bookbound magazines, microfilms etc.

消耗品(exhaustible goods) are materials expected not to last for a year such as: serial publications, microfiches, digital books, CD/CD-ROM, DVD, video, audio tape (which the Accounting Dept. doesn’t deal with).

* Please note that any books/materials to be placed in the Library must be ordered as “備品” (permanent goods) .
* Any materials categorized as “消耗品” (exhaustible) cannot be changed to “備品” (permanent goods) and placed in the Library.

Financial resources that can be used for book materials purchasing:

  • Common book materials fund, Students’ book materials fund, Personal research fund, etc.
  • Academia-industry cooperation fund.
  • Donation.
  • Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research.

Where to contact

  • Ukeire-kakari; tosho-hacchu[at]
    • If you purchase materials using your personal research fund
    • If you purchase materials using Academia-industry cooperation fund/Donation/Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research.
  • Mokuroku-kakari: tosho-mokuroku[at]
    • If you purchase materials using Students’ book materials fund or Common book materials fund
    • Any expense related to book donations.
  • Ukeire-kakari: tosho-ukeire[at]
    • Any procedures related to subscribing/unsubscribing to a magazine or newspaper.
    • Please note that any magazine/newspaper can only be subscribed to based on the questionnaire which we ask faculty members to answer once a year.

If you wish to borrow materials as “特別貸し出し” (=borrowing materials for long period), please refer to the following conditions:

  1. If you use your personal research fund – 6 months maximum.
  2. If you use Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research (research period for less than 3 years) – max. 3years.
  3. If you use Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research (research period for more than 3 years) - max. 5years.
  • 特別貸し出し applies for part-time members: please refer to the valid date of your Facility Usage Card for your period (no matter how long your scientific research period is).
  • Faculty members belong to ILCAA: if the one wish to use “特別貸し出し”, materials have to be placed in the Library. Any materials as “特別貸し出し” cannot be placed in the reference room for specialized documents of ILCAA and have to be kept in the Library.
  • There are some exceptions that you may able to place materials in the designated research rooms. Please refer to the following list for the rooms which are allowed. (特別配置リスト)

Please note:

  • Please fill in all the necessary cells.
  • Your advanced payment (for materials to be purchased without asking for Ukeire-kakari) can only be accepted when;
    • Making a purchase when you are abroad.
    • Purchasing antiquarian books which are difficult to find in the public distribution.
    • Purchasing conference materials which cannot be purchased through bookstores.

*Any books that are available at normal bookstores cannot be purchased on the Internet or at conference venues. This is in accordance with university regulations and will be enforced strictly.

Necessary documents for the repayment of your advance purchase:

Please bring the documents below to Ukeire-Kakari.

  1. Advance purchase Repayment application form.
    * If you purchased materials abroad, it will be calculated based on the TTS rate at the date purchase was made. Price of the goods shown on the receipt has to be written in the local currency.
    * If you purchase several materials in different countries, please separate the invoices on the currency basis.
  2. Official Receipt issued by the shop/institution, with information of
    • Who purchased
    • Title of the materials
    • Price
    • Date
    • Shop name
    • Shop address/phone number

    * If the information is not written in English, please attach a Japanese translation using the official “list” form. Please download the list form via this link.
    * If you only submit a list form without the other information, repayment cannot be made.
  3. If you paid by credit card, please submit a copy of the credit card invoice statement.
  4. The actual goods (books etc.).
    * We have to check these.
    * If you have several goods which are difficult to bring to the Library, please consult us in advance.