Insurance for Exchange Students (ISEPTUFS students)

National Health Insurance

Japan has the National Health Insurance program. It is compulsory for exchange students to join this program. This is advantageous because you need to pay only 30% of the medical treatment fees at a clinic or hospital when you become ill or you need to be hospitalized. You will apply for the National Health Insurance program after your arrival. The monthly charge will be about 1,100 JPY. Please be aware that this charge is nonrefundable, and you must pay the fee even if you never go to a hospital during your stay in Japan.

University Insurances

TUFS requests all the exchange students to join BOTH insurance plans. Personal liability, Death, Residual disability and Rescuer expenses are covered by these insurances. The application procedure will be guided at the orientation after you arrive in Japan.

  • Personal Accident Insurance for Student Pursuing Education and Research "GAKKENSAI"
    This is an accident compensation insurance covering unforeseen disasters and accidents during regular curricular activities, school events, extracurricular (club) activities, and while on the university premises. Please note that illness and natural disasters such as earthquakes are not covered by this insurance.
  • Comprehensive Insurance for Student Lives Coupled with "GAKKENSAI" for International Students ("Inbound futai-gakuso")
    This is a comprehensive insurance policy covering liability, injury, illness, rescuer expenses, death and residual disability. Only students who are enrolled in ”GAKKENSAI” are eligible for this insurance.
  • Inbound Medical Assistance Service
    This is a 24/7 service for international students that provides medical consultations by telephone.
    For example, you can receive referrals to appropriate hospitals, telephone interpretation services for hospital visits (available in a total of 18 languages including Japanese, English, and Chinese), and etc.
    ※This service is not a medical insurance, so please be sure to enroll in the National Health Insurance and the above two insurances designated by the university.

The application procedure will be guided at the orientation after you arrive in Japan.