TUFS Crest & Color

The University Crest:Gaikokugo Gakko (School of Foreign Languages) was established in 1897 (Meiji 30) as an affiliate of Tokyo Koto Shogyo Gakko (Tokyo High School of Commerce). In 1899 (Meiji 32), the School of Foreign Languages was separated from the High School and renamed Tokyo Gaikokugo Gakko (Tokyo School of Foreign Languages). The School’s Principal at the time, Naibu Kanda, and the board members were responsible for deciding the School’s crest. They chose the torch to symbolize illuminating the world and the “L” as the first letter of the Latin word “lingua”, meaning “language”. The wings on both sides are said to represent the School’s departments, which initially numbered eight.

The University Crest

Symbolic as TUFS’s color


The origin of this color dates back to the Taisho period (1920). At the request of Japan Amateur Rowing Association, member schools registered their school color. The color fuchsia was chosen as the school color. Since then, this color has been symbolic as TUFS’s color.