Four Projects Chosen as TUFS Multicultural Coexistence Independent Student Projects

August 17, 2021

Launched in 2019, the “TUFS Multicultural Coexistence Independent Student Project,” aims to support the independent and creative multicultural coexistence-related activities of TUFS students. This project offers support to multicultural coexistence activities making local and international contributions, promoting social exchange, and implementing societal improvements.

Of tThe five groups that passed the first screening and made presentations on June 30, 2021,. four were chosen for funding: two international cooperation projects and two national cooperation projects.

The chosen projects are as follows.

International cooperation projects
→ Japan-Brazil student relations sustainability forum 2021 (Group: Planeta 2.0)
→ Production and distribution of the short film “Wir als Naturteil” (Group: Breakout Raum3)

National cooperation projects
→Plans to incorporate vegan menus into the university cafeteria (Group: Green Kitchen)
→Promoting multicultural coexistence through Lao food (Group: Kokushakai)

See project details on the official website of the TUFS Multicultural Coexistence Independent Student Project. Updates on the four selected projects will also be made here.

TUFS Multicultural Coexistence Independent Student Project website.