【Message from TUFS President】2020 Summer Courses & Exchange Programs

May 13, 2020

Here at TUFS, we previously announced that classes would be held online for the duration of the spring quarter until July 17, and we have now decided to continue online classes for the first half of the summer quarter until August 7 . Currently there are 13 intensive courses scheduled for the first half of the summer quarter, all of which will be held online. More details on this change will be available soon.

We ask that students continue to take classes from their homes. We also ask that students continue to refrain from participating in club activities both on and off campus. While this may be a disappointing development, we ask for your understanding going forward.

In regards to the second half of the summer quarter, and the following fall quarter, the University has yet to make a decision on how classes will be held. As an educational institution, we hope that the current situation improves so face-to-face classes can become a possibility once more. However, we hope that students are coming to understand the advantages of online classes. The University would like to implement an educational system that plays to the strengths of every student, but under the current circumstances we must wait until the COVID-19 coronavirus situation improves in Tokyo, so please wait for further announcements.

We have also received many inquiries from students regarding student exchange programs beginning in the fall. TUFS has not suspended all exchange programs for the 2020 academic year. However, we do have two requirements for all exchange programs : one, the overseas travel safety information level issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must be Level 1, and two, the partner university must be accepting international students this year. Because of this, we predict that the situation for each country will continue to change. Please continue to regularly contact the Student Exchange Division, and gather information.

Concerning Fall 2020 Student Exchange Programs (Japanese only)

During this troubling time, I am sure that many students are worrying about their studies, they livelihood and their futures. I hope that you are all making use of the appropriate counseling services available at TUFS to resolve any worries you may have. For students who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, TUFS is offering the following financial support.

https://www.tufs.ac.jp/student/tuition_scholarship/exemption.html#Anc09 (Japanese only)

It can be stressful facing the computer screen every day, and the days are getting hotter. Please be sure to take adequate breaks, and don’t overdo yourselves. As a bit of fun, we have released a 3D model of the TUFS monument. If you need a break, picture the TUFS monument in your mind, and have a go at assembling our 3D model. Be aware that it is quite a challenging task… I don’t recommend attempting it if you’re busy.

TUFS Monument 3D Model: https://www.tufs.ac.jp/NEWS/notice/200511_1.html

It seems that some regions near Tokyo will soon lift their state of emergency declarations. However, this does not mean that the current situation is over. TUFS is committed to providing the best online education we can offer, so I hope that you will all continue to do your best. I also hope that you are all spending your days productively and healthily.

President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies