'World Business Series' Lecture on India held by ICSIC

August 2, 2017

On Tuesday 18 th July, as part of the World Business Series x TUFS Open Academy, a lecture titled 'World Business Series: Strategic Concepts in Indo-Pacific Business' was held by the Information Center for Social and International Collaboration (ICSIC), attracting around 35 students, many with a great interest in India.

The lecturer, Mr. Takayuki Hirano (President of the Bharat Japan Business Support Institute, and qualified International Administrative Scrivener), has studied at the University of Madras (during his Master's degree), has experience working at the Embassy of Japan in India, and is currently involved in supporting Japanese companies expanding into the Indian market. Just as one would expect from a lecturer that has travelled all around India, Mr. Hirano answered a variety of questions at the question and answer session following the lecture, covering topics such as the Indian Economy and domestic affairs.

Apart from the 'World Business Series' lectures, ICSIC is also planning on holding courses in collaboration with the Nonprofit Organization ABIC (Action for a Better International Community).

More information can be found on the ICSIC website and Facebook page (pages in Japanese).
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