2016 JLC Student Gathering held on 15th October

June 2, 2017

On Saturday 15 th October 2016, we invited guests from the MEXT, Tokyo Gaigokai and elsewhere to a student gathering at the Japanese Language Center for International Students. Roughly 130 students from around 50 countries attended.
In the first half of the gathering in centre's Sakura Hall, Two fourth year students who enrolled in 2012, one from morocco and one from Bangladesh; as well as one Malaysian student conducting research as part of a doctoral programme who enrolled in 2007 gave a presentation of their message to their juniors, and one graduate from Vietnam who enrolled in 1999 gave a presentation on careers. The meeting's second half took place in the Student Coop Cafeteria, and students of various years enjoyed an international exchange.
Student gatherings are held annually at the JLC in order to create a network between the centre's government-funded international students.

More details can be viewed here (link in Japanese)