"JLPTUFS Academic Japanese Can-do List" Published

April 28, 2017

As a Center for Japanese Language Education, Educational Resources
Development and Practice Training, the Japanese Language Center for
International Students has developed a list of Japanese language skills
in the form 'I can...' sentences, which has now been made available to
the public.

This Academic Japanese(AJ) Can-do list splits elementary to advanced
level Japanese (and above) into 8 levels, showing what students of each
level are capable of through "I can..." sentences on the skills of 'reading comprehension', 'listening comprehension', 'written expression', and 'oral communication' based on the communication necessary in university, social and everyday life.

The development was characteristic in that it described Japanese language improvement while taking into account the characteristics of each skill, as well as giving consideration to fostering the abilities sought in university education and in research such as problem solving ability, critical thinking, and academic interaction.

The lists have been published at the following URL: