TUFS Global Community Meeting (Yangon) Held on 6th October

March 15, 2017

On Thursday 6 th October 2016, the TUFS Global Community meeting was held in Yangon, the former capital of Myanmar.

This meeting was held when teaching and administrative staff of TUFS visited Yangon along with TUFS's participation in the Japan study abroad fair (sponsored by Okayama University) in order to introduce the activities of the Global Japan Office (GJO) established within the University of Yangon.

Participating in the meeting were Associate Prof. Okano Kenji; Imai Michiko, lecturer, Yangon GJO; Inoue Masayuki Vice Secretary General for Tokyo Gaigokai (日本国際教育支援協会理事長); as well as, beginning with Shimaoka Migusa, Branch Director for Tokyo Gaikokai Myanmar Branch established in June this year, a total of 11 alumni who are active on-site in Myanmar. Unfortunately, because the second term of the academic calendar in Myanmar had already fished, international students from TUFS could not participate, however it was a valuable meeting in which information was exchanged on topics such as the current state of the activities of Yangon GJO and Japanese education in Southeast Asia, including, Myanmar.