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Dr. Adama Ousmanou arrived in Japan

October 1, 2022

Dr. Adama Ousmanou from Maroua University in Cameroon came to Japan on September 27, 2022. He will stay in Japan as a foreign researcher (title: visiting associate professor) of our center from October 1, 2022 to February 10, 2023.


He brought Baban riga, traditional garments in northern Cameroon and other regions, as a special gift for Prof. Takeuchi.

His speciality is in religions, ethnicity and international relations in the Chad Basin, and he will be in charge of an undergraduate course during Fall Semester 2022. The title of the course is "Islam and Power in the Chad Basin: comparative study from Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria". You can see the details of the course from here. He will also give a lecture to public at our seminar, such as ASC Seminar.

He used to belong to Nagoya University, Osaka University, and National Museum of Ethnology (aka MINPAKU) in the past. Moreover, the encounter with one of the Japanese ethnologists who stayed at his home village when he was a little boy led him to be a researcher. Thus, he has deep and strong connection with Japan. We'd love to learn a lot from him through his lectures, as well as daily chats, while he is in Japan!

We will report his activities in japan on this website.