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Dr. Ampiah returned to UK

January 31, 2022

Dr. Kweku Ampiah returned to UK after his five-month stay in Japan since September 2021. During the five months, he taught for undergraduate and graduate students at TUFS, and gave presentations at ASC-TUFS 5th Anniversary International Symposium and at Kyoto University. Besides, since he visited Japan many times, many of his old friends contacted him and sometimes met him. He is suprisingly well-connected. We found it significant that we could invite him, as a specialist of Japan-Africa relations, after we postoponed for a year.

Because Dr. Ampiah came and visited Japan many times, he knows Japan and Japanese culture very well. He used to live relatively near TUFS when he was a student at International Chirstian University (ICU), so he also enjoyed how the area, called Tama Area, has changed. We often enjoyed learning about Japan from him. We enjoyed his jokes. He is very friendly and sometimes clumsy, which made us laugh and brought our hearts closer together. He told us that he will visit Japan again soon for further data collections on his research project. Now, we understand why so many people contacted him when they knew he came to Japan again. Next time, we will be one of them.

Thank you very much for accepting our invitation, Ampiah-san. We're looking forward to meeting you soon again!