MEGURO, Tatsuyuki

The COIL class made me ready to study abroad.

By participating in the COIL program before studying abroad, I was able to get a clear picture of the way of studying there. Online discussions with local students increased my motivation to attend classes overseas. In addition, by visiting the United States in June, before studying abroad, it became clear what tasks should be tackled in advance, such as improving English skills. While studying abroad, I also had the opportunity to have discussions with local students. At that time, I tried to actively engage in discussions. I was also conscious of conveying a unique Japanese perspective to local students. I remember that in the discussion about the healthcare system in the United States, my ideas were fresh and interesting for the local students. As I was gradually prepared before studying abroad, I was able to remove psychological barriers against an unknown overseas study. When I started living in the United States, I did not have to worry about the gap with the classes I had before studying abroad, and I was able to adapt smoothly, which I think it was thanks to the program.

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