To graduates

To graduates

JLC Reunion

JLC Reunion is held on campus every year. JLC alumni, please join us!

Alumni list

In JLCTUFS, we continually update our Alumni List. Please provide us with any information possible to help the update. The following are the reasons behind creating an alumni list.

  • The information of our graduates' current situations, including the fields and activities they are in, will serve as reference material for our future international student education.
  • For JLCTUFS to send various kinds of information to the alumni and graduates by E-mail or mail.
  • To assist in information exchange (e.g. advice on living or college education) between the current students and graduates of JLCTUFS.
  • To assist in the mutual understanding and information exchange among the graduates.

Please cooperate with the survey to develop the government-sponsored foreign student program.
In order to protect your privacy, we will not disclose your information to any third party.
Please cooperate with the following requests after reading and understanding the above statements.

  1. Please fill out the survey form and return it to us.
  2. Please let other graduates know about the survey and the website of JLCTUFS.


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