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Japanese Language Program (JLPTUFS)

Japanese Language Program of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (JLPTUFS)

The Japanese Language Program of TUFS (JLPTUFS) has been established for all foreign students at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies to enhance their operational Japanese language skills.
The curriculum has been designed for students who require Japanese for their studies and research.

In the fall term of 2015, there were 236 foreign students from 46 countries and areas studying in the All-University Japanese Program.
111 students were from 17 Asian countries, 83 students were from 22 European countries, and 42 students were from 14 countries in other regions. These students, all with diverse cultural backgrounds, can learn together in and out of classroom and also participate in cult ural exchange with Japanese students.

The new terms in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies start in April (the 1st term) and October (the 3rd term) respectively. This program is held for 13 weeks in each term. Please note that some classes may not be held because of a shortage of students.
Please refer below for the class syllabi and notes on how to study.

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