Course Offerings

Preparatory Educational Program for International Research Students under the MEXT Scholarship

1. Purpose

The purpose of this program is to teach Japanese to government-sponsored international students (research students) who are judged to need preparatory training in the Japanese language before carrying out research at a Japanese university. (This preparatory training program is for international students we have already been accepted into their respective universities. If you would like to find out more about MEXT’s scholarship programs for international students, including how to apply, please contact your country’s Japanese embassy (or consulate, depending on the country).) After finishing their Japanese-language education under this program, international research students can proceed to enter the universities into which they have been accepted and study there as government-sponsored research students. While studying under this program, some students will need to take an entrance exam to enter a regular course (masters or doctoral course) at the graduate school into which they have been accepted.

2. Commencement

Entry into this program is conducted twice annually, in April and in October, to correspond with the periods when international research students arrive in Japan.

3. About Study

Students study a combination of Japanese-language subjects and specialized subjects, depending on their Japanese level.
They can take Japanese-language subjects from the center’s All-University Japanese Program, and can choose specialized subjects from the selection on offer at the center. After students have had their Japanese language abilities assessed through the post-admission placement test, they can undergo course guidance and select their subjects. Note that many of the specialized subjects on offer at JLCTUFS are taught jointly between three programs: the center’s Preparatory Program for International Research Students, the Japanese Language and Culture Program for International Students, and the Teacher Training Program for International Students. Each term, we produce and distribute a pamphlet entitled “Overview of Specialist Subjects at the Japanese Language Center for International Students (for international research students, international students studying Japanese language and culture, and international students undergoing teacher training).
We hold a Closing Presentation before the end of the program.


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