Course Offerings

Subjects Other Than Japanese (SOTJ)

It is natural that fundamental Japanese language skills are considered to be the most important aspect of study for foreign students. However, it is also important to acquire Japanese language skills related to a specialized field of study (including technical terms, reading on specialized publications, and thesis composition), knowledge, thinking, research and experiment techniques, as the purpose of foreign study is to research a particular academic field.

Consequently, we offer specialized subjects in addition to Japanese language related subjects in order to help students acquire basic knowledge, concepts and techniques. We cannot deny that is a limit to the amount of study in a specialized field that can be carried out in a six month to one year period. Therefore, in the earlier stages of foreign study, the students are expected to stimulate their intellectual curiosity, which later will become a driving force to carry them forward academically.

More specifically, we offer undergraduate foreign students majoring in liberal arts courses in Politics and Economy, Current Affairs in Japan, Japanese History, and Mathematics. Engineering students can also take Mathematics, Basic Science, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. We also offer subjects that correspond to the specialized field of research students, training students in Japanese language and culture, and training students as teachers in a timely manner.


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