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Shooting a music video for "Study in Japan for Africa"

Summer 2021

Study in Japan for Africa, the project conducted by the Hokkaido University Africa Office in Lusaka to expand opportunities for prospective students in Sub-Saharan Africa to study in Japan, invited Thembo to join the shooting of the music video. He shot his ordinary life on campus with Henri, Dr. Chihiro Kumashiro, a coordinator of IAfP, and other TUFS students.

The following is his essay.

I was invited to participate in the video shooting meant to promote collaboration between Study in Japan Global Network Project Regional Office in Sub-Sahara Africa, Hokkaido University Lusaka Office. The main purpose of shooting this video was to promote students from Sub-Saharan Africa to come and study in Japan. I accepted to participate in this video since I was also passionate about fostering knowledge sharing between Japanese and African students. In order to prepare for the shooting, we had a hybrid Zoom meeting at the IAfP office and listened to the video director instructions.

During the shooting day, I shoot my part coming from the International Residence dorm 1, another part in the library since I liked reading and also to show that being in Japan is not just to hang out but also to concentrate on studies. Since I liked sports too much especially boxing, I took another in shooting in the gymnasium just to show how I spend my leisure time. Thanks to Chihiro sensei (the coordinator of IafP)and other TUFS students who helped me during the process of shooting my part and connecting me to this opportunity which helped me to play part in promoting partnerships. After reaching back in Africa, I have always shown this video to different students whenever I'm invited to talk about my experiences.

You can watch this video from below.