TUFS Training Program for Trans-Pacific Bridge Persons (TP-Bridge)

The “TUFS Training Program for Trans-Pacific Bridge Persons” (TP-Bridge) aims to develop “bridge persons” who do not regard differences in nationality, language, or culture as barriers. “TP-bridge persons” can acquire new ideas in a diverse environment, incorporate this approach with an understanding of sustainability (GX, DX), and coordinate and share this with people who have different values and ways of thinking. In an era of globalization and increasing uncertainty, skills in coordinating and developing collaboration among diverse people with different cultures and ways of thinking, based on solid language skills and conceptual capabilities are a prerequisite for leadership, whatever the job or setting one works in. Through this program, students will develop the ability to “build bridges” from three perspectives: geographic, academic, and temporal.

  • Geographic Bridge Builders: Use their IT literacy, language proficiency, and multicultural awareness to overcome spatial, linguistic, and cultural distances.
  • Academic Bridge Builders: Have a wide range of interests and perspectives across the humanities and sciences, allowing them to incorporate knowledge and opinions into their thinking from areas outside their major.
  • Temporal Bridge Builders: Have the conceptual ability to imagine or create a sustainable future built on the past and present.


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