Support for students with disabilities

Basic Policy on Supporting Students with Disabilities

The university has long been providing support for students with disabilities in response to requests from individual students (or their guardians), taking into account the full range of factors including the nature of the disability, the individual’s wishes, balance with other students, and the university’s own circumstances. In light of the importance of accommodating students with disabilities, the university has now formulated the following Basic Policy on Supporting Students with Disabilities.

March 27, 2014

1. Purpose

This Basic Policy sets forth basic rules and fundamental matters relating to support for the purpose of providing reasonable accommodations in education for students with disabilities.

2. Definitions

The definitions and scope of terms used in this Basic Policy are as follows.

“Student”: Those seeking admission to the university and students currently enrolled in the university (including research students, non-degree students, special audit students, international students, special research students, and Japanese Government Scholarship students as provided in the Japanese Language Center for International Students Regulations).

“Reasonable accommodations”: Essential and appropriate modifications and adjustments made by the university for students with disabilities to enjoy and exercise their right to receive education equally with other students, where such modifications and adjustments are individually necessary in order for a student with a disability to receive education at the university in line with their circumstances, and where such modifications and adjustments do not cause imbalance or impose excessive burden on the university in organizational or financial terms.

“Student activities subject to reasonable accommodations”: Curricular classes, extracurricular classes, participation in university events, and all matters relating to education. This includes movement within the university campus and for fieldwork, practicums, and the like, but does not include student activities and daily life with no direct connection to education.

3. Basic Approach to Reasonable Accommodations

(Securing opportunities)
In order to secure learning opportunities for students with disabilities so that they do not abandon their studies for reasons relating to said disabilities, and to maintain educational quality toward the cultivation of fostering advanced knowledge and specialized competencies, the university will provide opportunities to select students with disabilities for admission to the university on an equal basis with students without disabilities in terms of competencies and aptitudes. Moreover, after students with disabilities are admitted, the university will undertake reasonable accommodations, in line with the nature and characteristics of the disability in question, to guarantee that students with disabilities can participate equally in the opportunities available to students. However, the university shall not make modifications or adjustments that result in major impact on other students, such as modifying the essential nature of education or standards for evaluation of academic performance.

(Disclosing information)
The university shall make publicly available this Basic Policy and information on the contents and systems of the accommodations and support it provides to students with disabilities seeking admission to the university and currently enrolled therein.

(Determining reasonable accommodations)
Reasonable accommodations shall be determined wherever possible by building consensus and common understanding, based on each individual student’s requests, respecting said student’s educational needs and aspirations, and taking into account the university’s structures and finances.

(Support structures)
The President shall endeavor to establish specialized support structures for the university as a whole and to promote understanding and raise awareness among faculty/staff and students.

In the provision of support, there shall be adequate collaboration between faculty/staff actually providing support and the university departments associated with said support.

4. Related Basic Matters

(Support details)
The contents, methods, and other details of support shall be stipulated separately in accordance with this Basic Policy. The First Summary Report of the Working Group on the Basic Act for Persons with Disabilities and Learning Support for Students with Disabilities (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, December 21, 2012) shall be used as reference in the operation of this Basic Policy.

(Department responsible for operation)
The Student Management Office shall be responsible for matters relating to the operation of this Basic Policy.

(Amendment/abolition of Basic Policy)
Amendment and abolition of this Basic Policy shall be determined by the Board of Directors.