Announcement: Class Meeting Information

April 24, 2020

Dear TUFS students

The second round of registration will close at 19:30 today. Your instructor will send you an email, notifying the class meeting information before your class next week. Please look for the email.

Please note the following:

1) The notification email should arrive on the day before your class. If you do not receive the email by the morning of the class, please notify us through the following form:

Course registration troubleshooting form:

2) Registration revision period runs from Mon., April 27 to Fri., May 8. However, it is advisable to complete the revision as soon as possible, by the day before your class next week. By doing so, you might be able to receive the notification email from the instructors of the new courses you add. If you don't receive the class meeting info, please let us know from the same form above.

3) For the spring term, there will be a registration cancellation period, during which you can cancel your registration for courses. The period will be from Mon., June 1 to Wed., June 3. Please note that you cannot add new courses during this period.

Do not share the meeting information (URL, ID, password) with others. It is confidential, and TUFS prohibits the information to be shared publicly or privately.