TUFS Short-Term Online Program - Research on Japanese Culture and Society through Japanese Anime and Manga -

Japanese Anime and Manga are not only big entertainment content that attracts international audience, but also make excellent study material for learning about Japanese culture and society.

Get your study started with something you like, and continue on to the introduction to in-depth research about Japan.

We welcome Japanese language learners especially with a little or no experience of study research. Three program instructors, who are also researchers, will provide thorough guidance to the students throughout the online program.

Introduction movie

Class Type Real-time online class
Class Term Weekdays, January 26, 2022 to February 10, 2022 (Total of 12 classes)
Class Hour 120 min. (60 min. period x 2)
Class Time

9 am to 11 am (Japan Time)

Plus 30-min. after-class session (11am to 11:30 am, free conversation session with Japanese students) *Participation to the after-class session is voluntary.

Media Zoom、Google Classroom
Fees JPY 27,000
Class capacity Maximum of 36
Application Period 10 am, October 20, 2021 to 11:59 pm, December 26, 2021
 * If there are too many applicants, they will be chosen by selection by instructors.

Themes for Study Research

  • "Doraemon" ... Showa period / Children's play and relationships 
  • "Black Jack" ... Medical care / Disparity problem
  • "Pom Poko (Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko)" ... Nature and urban development / Youkai
  • "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" ... Taisho period / Family system
  • "Mobile Suit Gundam" ... View of war / Technology
  • "Sailor Moon" ... Fighting girl / Uniform culture


Participants are divided into groups by the theme, in order to do research on Japanese culture and society through the theme of the group, and give an online presentation on the last day of the class (February 10). The presentation session will be open to public. With the corporation with local municipality, works from research will be sent out to the world through the exhibition in various events and media exposure.


  • To improve academic Japanese language skills through research, study, and presentation using Japanese language.
  • To learn how to relate a topic of interest or favorite to research, by studying Japanese society and culture through content that participants are familiar with.

Program Calendar

After-class session: 11am to 11:30 am, free conversation session with Japanese students *Participation to the after-class session is voluntary.

About the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

The Tokyo University of Foreign Studies has a history of over 120 years. Based on its long history, TUFS continues to play an important role as one of the hubs of international academic research and exchange in Japan. In addition, it is one of the largest Japanese language institutions in Japan, having accepted many international exchange students from all over the world and provided them with a high standard of Japanese language education.

Preparing for Online Classes

Please check the link below for details about needed system environment and prepare it on your own.

* Participants may not use university facility, Wi-Fi or digital devices.


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