Student Counseling Room Newsletter (First Issue, Spring 2020)

May 2020
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Student Counseling Room

1. Welcome to Our First Issue (TAKEDA Chika, TUFS Vice President & Director of the Student Counseling Room)

A month has passed since the new quarter began, and while I expect it’s a first for most of you, it seems like you are all growing accustomed to online classes. However, you may find yourself getting tired little by little from the various things that come with staying at home. I’m sure first-year students never expected their university lives to begin like this, and second-year students may feel disappointed that they cannot return to their classes and club activities, or even meet with their friends.

The Student Counseling Room is a place of support where students can bring any worries they may have about the future, relationships, their own disposition, etc., and talk them through together with our staff. We are here to help students enjoy their student lives to the fullest. We are still offering our services during the online classes period, so feel free to contact us.
From this year onwards, we have decided to send a Student Counseling Room Newsletter to you all. For this first issue, we have prepared a checklist to guide you in looking after your own wellbeing.

2. Wellbeing Management Checklist for COVID-19

Ever since Japan declared a state of emergency, students have had to adapt to a new kind of student life under the slogan of “Stay Home!”. New students had to have their entrance ceremony online, some students have had to quit their part-time jobs, and others are struggling with job-hunting. We expect that many are struggling with the big life changes that this situation has brought on. Under these current circumstances, it is only natural for students to be feeling anxious or scared.
We would like to share some resources to help you manage things at your own pace.

- Yonekura & Kosaka

At this time, we would like to send students a wellbeing management checklist. This way, students can self-assess themselves against it, and take action that will help improve any issues they may be having. This will also lead to students objectively understanding more about their own mental and physical health. Please feel free to complete these checklists and return them to us, so we know you are doing okay. We can also give simple feedback to those who request it (those requesting feedback must return their checklists by May 31).
※ This checklist can be accessed with a link sent by email through the GAKUMU Information System. Please do not share this link with other people, or on social media.

If you are worried about anything at all, even if you think its “too trivial”, please do not hesitate to talk to your family, friends and teachers. The Student Counseling Room is currently accepting appointments and holding counseling sessions by phone.
Here at the Student Counseling Room, we protect the privacy of our counseling sessions. If necessary we can also, with your permission, refer you to another health institution. We are here to help in any way we can, so please contact us.

Student Counseling Room:
Book an appointment: https://business.form
Phone: 042-330-5560 (Tues, Wed, Fri 10:00-16:00)
*During the State of Emergency, please make appointments via the online form.
*Reservations are available by email at the above times on weekdays.
Address: Student Counseling Room, Asahi-cho 3-11-1, Fuchu, Tokyo 183-8534