Trajectories in Sonic Japan-an interdisciplinary workshop

Trajectories in Sonic Japan-an interdisciplinary workshop
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Date / Time

June 21st, 2023, 12pm-3pm


Room 219 (research and lecture building, second floor)


Scholars have recently noted the need to move beyond the reliance on western genealogies, manifestations, and theorisations of key (canonical) terms in Sound Studies. Whether we understand the study of sound as an academic field (sound studies), or as a tool available to multiple disciplines research on, in and through sound in Japan has rapidly increased over the last decade. During the same period, the geographical range of sound studies has broadened, and in this context this short workshop provides an opportunity for Japan scholars from a wide range of disciplines to come together to discuss their current and future research.


  • Chiharu Chujo (TUFS): "Japanese Love Songs through Gender Criticism: A Case of Crossed Gender Performance"
  • Philip Flavin (Kansai Gaidai University): “Cultural Noise and ‘Sound’: Accordions, Violins, and the Creation of ‘Modern’ Traditional Music”
  • Matthew Stefanyszyn (SOAS): “The Online Afterlife of Kankyō Ongaku”
  • Jeremy Corral (TUFS): "Recorded sound in electroacoustic music and the representation of the social subject in post-war Japan"
  • Luca Proietti (SOAS): "Noisy roots of Japan: Researching historical and cultural engagement in noise music"
  • Martyn David Smith (The University of Sheffield): “City Music versus Urban Noise: The ‘hell’ of modern sound in Japan”.
  • Iris Haukamp (TUFS): "Changing the sound of the past in 1930s films"