International symposium/ workshop 'The past and present of Bantu languages: Integrating micro-typology, comparative-historical linguistics, and lexicography'


Date/Time: Mon Mar 06 2023 09:30 ~ 16:30
Place: 306 Multimedia Seminar Room Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, TUFS


Chair: Daisuke SHINAGAWA (ILCAA)
Makoto FURUMOTO (ILCAA) “Rethinking the historical relation of Zanzibar Swahili with Comorian”
Minah Nabirye (BantUGent) “Cleft constructions in Lusoga (Bantu, JE16)”
Sara Pacchiarotti (BantUGent) “The reconstruction of Proto-WCB independent and possessive pronouns for speech act participants: does
morphological evidence support lexicon-based phylogenetic groupings?”

Opening remarks
Daisuke SHINAGAWA (ILCAA) “A micro-parametric appraoch to cross-Bantu typology and its insight to the group-internal structural diversification”
Commentator: Sara Pacchiarotti (BantUGent)
Koen Bostoen (BantUGent) “The Bantu Expansion or how West Africans transformed Africaʼs linguistic, cultural and biological landscapes”
Commentator: Nobuko YONEDA (Osaka University)
Gilles-Maurice de Schryver (BantUGent) “Investigating the feasibility of a hub-and-spoke model to hold ILCAA's Bantu lexica into a single multipurpose online dictionary database”
Commentator: Kanji KATO (Research Organization of Information and Systems/TUFS)
Closing remarks

Language: English
Admission: Free
Pre-registration is required.
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Sponsored(Co-sponsored) by:
JSPS Bilateral programs: 'The Past and Present of Bantu Languages: Integrating Micro-Typology, Historical-Comparative Linguistics and Lexicography', Description and Documentation of Language Dynamics in Asia and Africa: Toward a More In-depth Understanding of the Languages and Cultures of People Living in Asia and Africa (DDDLing), Tokyo African Linguistics Knot

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