Exhibition “Thinking about the co-creation of academic knowledge through the Civil Dialog Caravan of Islamic Trust Studies”


Date/Time: Mon 27 Feb 2023 - Fri 10 Mar 2023, 11:00-16:30
*Closed: Sat, Sun & holidays

Place: 101 Material Exhibition Room Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, TUFS


The “Islamic Trust Studies” Project calls a series of outreach activities that return its academic outcomes to society by “Civil Dialog Caravan.” This exhibition will give opportunities to reflect on the two years of its Civil Dialog activities and deliberate about the sustainable co-creation of academic knowledge for a new epoch.

Based on the concept of “connectivity (capability of forming a connection)” fostered through the medium of Islam, the “Islamic Trust Studies” Project has performed inclusive and dialog-form outreach activities since 2021, collaborating with ILCAA and Setagaya Daita Jinji Nursery School. Our “Civil Dialog” aims to return the fruits of research in an interactive way, which is suitable for “Transformative Research Areas.” Today, the humanities and social sciences are eagerly desired to get the society to recognize their value and meaning by sharing their attractiveness with people and putting these academic areas in a broader context. The exhibition looks back over the two-year outcomes and tasks of the “Civil Dialog” through the reconstruction of two Civil Dialog events “The World Connected by Animals (2021)” and “The World Connected by the Sky and the Sea (2022)” with panel display. Why don't you explore with us what the sustainable co-creation of academic knowledge should be for a new epoch?

Language: Japanese
Admission: Free *Open to the public
No pre-registration is needed.
Closed: Sat, Sun & holidays

Organized by:
Grant-in Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A) “Connectivity and Trust Building in Islamic Civilization” Organizer (Area Organizer: Hidemitsu KUROKI (ILCAA); 20H05823)

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