Lecture “Beyond the interface: TEI as data for Digital Humanities”


Date/Time: Sat 18 Feb 2023 14:00–16:30
Place: 303 Large Conference Room Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, TUFS
Online meeting

The lecture will feature Dr. Yasmin Faghihi and Dr. Huw Jones from the Cambridge Digital Library.

Yasmin Faghihi (Head of the Near and Middle Eastern Department at Cambridge University Library)
Huw Jones (Head of the Digital Library Unit, Digital Humanities Coordinator)

Kiyonori NAGASAKI(Senior fellow, International Institute for Digital Humanities)

Saturday, Feb 18, 2023 14:00-16:30
“Beyond the interface: TEI as data for Digital Humanities”

In this event, we will discuss TEI as the basis of Digital Humanities methodologies. Drawing on examples from FIHRIST and Cambridge Digital Library, we will show how TEI datasets can be used for humanities research and how the outputs of research can be integrated in digital archives.

Language: Japanese, English *Face-to-face participants can listen to simultaneous interpretation.
Admission: Free
Pre-registration is required.
For face to face participants, please see here.
For online participants, please see here.

Organized by:
Cambridge Digital Library, Core Project“Field Archiving of Memory: Dynamics of Cooperation within the Islamic Society”, National Institute of Japanese Literature, International Institute for Digital Humanities, U-PARL, Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas(A)“Connectivity and Trust-building in the Islamic Civilization” Organizer (Principal Investigator: Hidemitsu KUROKI (ILCAA/SRC), 20H05823), TUFS Field Science Commons (TUFiSCo)

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