Cultural / Social Anthropology Research Seminar 2022


Date/Time: Sat 26 Nov 2022 13:00-17:00
Place: Online Meeting


Opening Remarks: Ryoko NISHII (ILCAA)

Presentation 1: Nobuko UESAWA (ILCAA) “'Another Development' around NGO Women's Groups: A Case Study of Garo Society in Bangladesh”
Comment 1: Toshihiro NOBUTA (National Museum of Ethnology)

Presentation 2: PARK KEUNMO (Nagoya University) “Acceptance and transformation of Korean food in Japanese society -Focusing on the “Smell” of Japanese society and people regarding Korean food”
Comment 2: Hiroki OKADA (Kobe University)

Presentation 3: Bas Ahmet MERIK (Chiba University)“Tropismatic Entanglements/Disentanglements: Figures of Response-ability in the Rokugodote Homeless Village”
Comment 3: Akinori HAMADA (The University of Tokyo)

Critique: Ikuya TOKORO (ILCAA)
From the Editorial board of Cultural Anthropology: Shinya KONAKA (University of Shizuoka)

Closing remarks: Osamu NAKAGAWA (National Museum of Ethnology)

Chair: Yukako YOSHIDA (ILCAA)

Language: Japanese, English
Admission: Free
Pre-registration is required.
For registration, please see here.

If you have any questions about the seminar: infoseminar[at] (Please change [at] to @)

Organized by:
Core Project “Anthropological Inquiry of Sociality: Dynamics of Tolerance/Intolerance in Transcultural Contexts”, The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology

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