Let's travel around the world together! 2022 Chikyu Tankentai


2022-10-09 10:30 ~ 16:30


Online Meeting
Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall, 2F seminar room (Kyoto University)


*Let's travel the world together! 2022 Chikyu Tankentai is a series of workshops which tickle children's curiosity to know more about the world.

Speaker: Yukako YOSHIDA (ILCAA), et al.
Participants: 2nd-6th graders and their parents / guardians
Capacity: 8 families per session

Language: Japanese
Admission: Free
Pre-registration is required. For details, please see here.

Cohosted by

MANALABO, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C) (Principal Investigator: Noriko IIZUKA (Kyoto University) Project number:21K01057) , Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists (Principal Investigator:Koji SONODA (Niigata University) Project number:22K13263), TUFiSCo

Supported by

Kyoto City Board of Education; NPO Heiwa Kankyo Moyai Net; Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University; African Studies Center -TUFS; Japan Consortium for Area Studies.