LingDy Forum: Current Research on Vietnamese Language in Japan/ The 1st Vietnamese Language Colloquium

Date / Time

Sat 23 Jan 2021 14:00–17:00


Online meeting


14:00-14:10 Mayumi ADACHI (ILCAA) Introduction

14:10-14:40 Sho YAMAOKA (Graduate School, Kyoto University) “The syllable-based laboratory phonology on Northern Vietnamese”

14:40-15:10 Mayumi ADACHI (ILCAA) “The boundary of demonstratives, sentence-final particles, and interjections in Vietnamese”

15:20-15:50 Takuya WASHIZAWA (Kanda University of International Studies) “Transition of possessive and nominalizing expressions in Vietnamese”

15:50-16:10 Shota SATO (Graduate School, The University of Tokyo) “Semantic change of the disyllable Sino-Vietnamese vocabularies that include sound reduplications”

16:10-16:40 Mika KONDO (Osaka University) “An attempt to practice the curriculum of teaching Vietnamese to Vietnamese children living in Japan”

16:40-17:00 Discussion
Discussants: Atsushi KASUGA (Kanda University of International Studies), Masaaki SHIMIZU (Osaka University)


Language: Japanese
Admission: Free
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Core Project “Linguistic Dynamics Science3 (LingDy3)”

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