Overseas Scientific Research Forum

2014/6/28 (Sat.) 10:30 ‐ 19:30

Date/Time 2014/6/28 (Sat.) 10:30 ‐ 19:30
10:30~12:30 Workshop: To reciprocical partnership in fieldwork: Exploring the possibilities of “field science”
1)Tasaku TSUNODA (Professor Emeritus, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics) “Revival movement of the Warrongo language (Australia) ”
2)Yasue YOSHINARI (Center for International Relations, University of Miyazaki)
“The progress from the field survey to the international cooperation for countermeasures against arsenic contamination in India”
12:30~12:35 Short Announcement about Overseas Scientific Research: Festa
12:35~14:00 (Lunch break)
14:00~17:00 Regional meetings*
17:30~19:30 Reception*
※1 12:35~17:00 Overseas Scientific Research: Festa
※2 14:00~15:00 Outline of Grant Administration in Grants-in-Aid for Scientific
Research(Questions and Answers in three meeting places)
* : Pre-registration is required.
Language: Japanese
Organized by ILCAA
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