Special Lecture: "The School of Paris and its Ukrainian 'Branch'"

Friday, Nvember 28th, 2014 / 12:40-14:10

Date&Time 12:40-14:10,  Friday, Nvember 28th 
Venue 226 Seminar Room, Research and Lecture Building
Speaker Vita Susak, Curator of the Liviv National Museum

Admission free/Open to the public/Presented in English

This special lecture is part of the class “European Culture Studies B”(Lecturer:Izum Maeda) The doors are open to the public.
Organizer: Grants-in-Aid Research (B) ”An ideological genealogy and Modernity of Polish-Jewish writers and painters in Interwar Galicia”(headed by Ariko Kato, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies.) The doors are open to the public.
Hosts: Institute of Trans Cultural Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
Grants-in-Aid Research (A) "A Cross-sectional Study of the Cultural and Historical Meaning of the Dissolution of the Soviet Union in the Post-global Era." (headed by Ikuo Kameyama,Nagoya University of Foreign Studies )
Contact: Izumi Maeda(maeda[at]tufs.ac.jp) /Ariko Kato(akato[at]nufs.ac.jp) 

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