Special Workshop on Malaysian Traditional Music

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 / 14:30-16:30

On Wednesday, November 5th, Aki Uehara, CEO of Mutiara Arts Production, a music agency, and  three musicians including Kamrul Hussin, a Malaysian multi-instrumentalist will give a workshop on traditional Malaysian music.

Date&Time 14:30-16:30 Wednesday, November 5th
Venue 318 Seminor Room,Research and Lecture Building
Guests Kamrul Hussin (Mohd. Kamrulbahri Hussin)
(Universiti Teknologi MARA) and 2 musicians
Aki Uehara (CEO of Mutiara Arts Production)

Open to the public. Admission free and no reservation required. 

It would be helpful if those who will join the workshop would contact an organizer.
contact information :Soda(soda[at]tufs.ac.jp)

For further information