Research Seminar

What is a Research Seminar?

In Research Seminars, students deepen their research interests and knowledge under a supervisor of their choice. There are over 20 Research Seminars (listed below).

Competencies students develop in seminars

- Identifying and analyzing problems
Following the guidance of researchers with abundant knowledge and experience, students develop the skills to independently analyze the various issues Japan faces.

- Teamwork and small-group discussion skills
Seminars are small classes. The individualized atmosphere gives students the opportunity to interact positively with each other and to discuss their research one-on-one with their supervisor.

- Practical skills and autonomy as researchers
Seminars improve students’ research skills in numerous ways. Students proceed with their own research through various types of study, such as literature review, group studies, discussions, research presentations, and discussing thesis drafts.

- Creativity and originality as researchers
Alongside the Research Seminar, students may take seminars (Major Courses) offered by other professors, too. Through this system, they acquire the multifaceted perspectives necessary for developing rich creativity.

Outline of seminars

Here are the Research Seminars offered in the School of Japan Studies.

[Japanese Society]

[Japanese Culture and Literature]

[Japanese Linguistics]

[Japanese Language Education]