Information on Seminars

What is a seminar?

Seminars at the School of International and Area Studies are a venue for research based on initiative and practical capability.
At these seminars, students conduct research on topics they choose for themselves and achieve intellectual growth through discussions with classmates and meticulous guidance from academic supervisors. They aim to become experts with a profound understanding of their major area and sophisticated knowledge in their specialized field through the seminars.

Capabilities acquired at seminars

・Enhance ability to identify and analyze issues under the tutelage of a variety of researchers
More than 50 seminars are offered by researchers in a wide range of specialized fields who study various areas in the world. Students acquire the intellectual ability to form a clear view of and analyze the essence of issues facing the international community by absorbing the rich knowledge and experience of these researchers.

・Enhance discourse ability and teamwork through small-group seminars
Seminars are held in small groups. Participants engage in lively exchanges with each other as well as conduct exhaustive discussions with the academic supervisor in a relaxed atmosphere.

・Develop practical capability and initiative through multifaceted learning
The practical capability of students is put to the test at the seminars. They take the initiative in research through the reading of documents, group research, discussion, research presentation, writing of reports and graduation thesis, and so forth.

・Enrich imagination through seminars and sub-seminars
In addition to seminars in the specialized field held by the academic supervisors, sub-seminars are also offered as part of the regular curriculum. Attending two types of seminars fosters multifaceted points of view and rich imagination.

List of Seminars

TUFS students conduct research through seminars on specialized fields by their academic supervisors (third year) and graduation research seminars (from fourth year) and sum up their findings in their graduation research (graduation thesis).

Second year students give serious consideration to their goals in studying when choosing the seminar they will attend from the third year. While they actually participate in seminars from the third year, seminar activities start at the point they choose a seminar.

Teaching Staff of Each Course and Their Specialized Fields

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