TUFS Cinema Screens Two Oceania Documentaries

May 21, 2024

On Sunday, May 12, 2024, TUFS held an Oceania documentary film screening event at the Agora Global Prometheus Hall of TUFS, screening two films, "Kula: Argonauts of the Western Pacific" and "Trobriand, Island of Women".

The first film, "Kula: Argonauts of the Western Pacific," was inspired by the research of the renowned cultural anthropologist Malinowski. This spectacular documentary follows the ritualistic bartering that takes place from island to island and the people's passion for this trade. The second film, "Trobriand, Island of Women," is an intimate look at the matriarchal society of the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea.

After the screening, Ms. Yasuko Ichioka, director of both films, told us about the behind-the-scenes filming. In the discussion, which was joined by cultural anthropologist and professor emeritus at TUFS, Hiroyuki Kurita, it was pointed out that new attempts were made in documentary filmmaking, such as daring to have the filmmakers appear in the films. On the other hand, the audience was also impressed by the tension that only analog technology can provide, which is not present in today's convenient digital technology.