Japanese Cultural Experience and International Exchange Evening

December 19, 2023

On Friday the 15th of December, the ‘Japanese Culture Classroom’ and ‘International Evening’ events (sponsored by the International Student Support Association and the Student Exchange Division) were held for international students at TUFS.

At the ‘Japanese Culture Classroom’, students could experience traditional Japanese culture and games such as kimono, tea ceremony, flower arranging, shogi, calligraphy, origami and kirigami. This event was attended by many international students.

Following this, the ‘International Evening’ was held. This event was attended not only by a large number of international students, but also by buddy and tutor students, making for a lively evening. The evening began with words of thanks for the supporters and words of encouragement for the students from Professor Haruna, Vice President, and a toast by Chairman Tani of the International Student Support Association.

After the speeches, classic guitar and Kazakhstan dance performances left attendees in high spirits, making for a successful event.