Delegation from Northeast Normal University's Preparatory School for Chinese Students to Japan pays a courtesy visit to TUFS

November 17, 2023

On Wednesday, November 15, 2023, Professor Li Jun, Professor Bian Jiasheng, and Gao Ying, Executive Deputy Dean (Director) of the Preparatory School for Chinese Students to Japan at Northeast Normal University paid a courtesy visit to TUFS.

President Kayoko Hayashi, Vice President Nobuo Haruna, and Director of the Japanese Language Center for International Students (JLC) Ikuko Ijuin attended the meeting. Prior to the meeting with the President and others, discussions were held with Director Ijuin, Professor Rie Suganaga, Professor Yoko Nakai, and Associate Professor Hiroko Date at the JLC regarding future exchanges. Both sides confirmed that they would continue their cooperative relationship in the future, as the school will celebrate its 45th anniversary next year.