Foundation Plants Cherry Blossom Trees

October 16, 2023

Twenty-two years have passed since the university moved to Fuchu City in 2000, and there are some trees on campus that need immediate attention, such as fallen trees caused by typhoons or factors brought about by recent abnormal weather, and dangerous trees that have decayed inside. We believe that these trees must be replaced with new ones, and that we must continue our efforts to maintain a lush green campus.

For this reason, the university established the "Planting Fund" last November to contribute to the replacement of trees.

In the early summer of this year, a typhoon caused a large, old cherry blossom tree in the Central Plaza to fall down. With the donations received from this fund, we have been able to plant cherry blossom trees again in the Central Plaza. We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone who supported us.

The university will continue to collect donations for planting trees and will make efforts to plant and maintain trees on campus. We hope that your understanding and warm support will help us to maintain a green campus.