Turkish Documentary Film Screened

June 20, 2023

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, a screening of the Turkish documentary film “Traces of Turks in Japan” was held at the TUFS Agora Global Prometheus Hall in cooperation with the Turkish Embassy in Japan. This documentary film presents the history of friendship between Turkey and Japan from various perspectives, from famous episodes to unknown stories. Opening remarks were made by President Kayoko HAYASHI and Ambassador His Excellency Mr. Korkut GÜNGEN from the Embassy of Turkey in Japan. After the screening of the film, a talk session was held with the film’s director, Umut Mete Soydan, and Prof. Dr. Selçuk Esenbel, one of Turkey’s leading scholars on Japan.

The screening was attended by Turkish language students, former international students from Turkey, and the general public, and a lively Q&A session was held on the history of Turkey and Japan.