Vice President of National Taiwan Normal University Visits TUFS

June 15, 2023

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, Vice President Yi-De LIU of National Taiwan Normal University, one of our partner universities, visited TUFS.

Vice President Nobuo HARUNA, Professor Keiko MOCHIZUKI, and Coordinator for Student Mobility Center Kenichiro KOMATSU attended the discussion. Vice President Liu explained that National Taiwan Normal University is a center for bilingual education and digital foreign language education research in Taiwan and a global center for Chinese language education, and that in addition to undergraduate students, there is potential for joint research and student exchange in the field of foreign language education and cognitive science, which is Taiwan Normal University’s primary focus. Vice President Haruna also introduced TUFS as a center of Japanese language education known for its outstanding education and research in international Japanese studies as well as world language, culture, and regional studies, and confirmed that TUFS would further promote educational and research collaboration in the future.

Prior to the meeting, Vice President Liu visited the TUFS archives gallery where he listened with great interest to the 150-year history of the university. He noted that Taiwan Normal University, a teacher training college that developed from Taipei High School during the Japanese colonial period, also has a long history and was celebrating its 100th anniversary.