Screening of Independent Films by Ark Miura

December 26, 2022

On Saturday, December 24, 2022, TUFS Cinema held a screening of independent films directed by Ark Miura at the Agora Global Prometheus Hall.
This screening was planned and organized after Director Miura, who has African roots, previously interacted with TUFS students majoring in African Studies when she was in high school.

At the screening, three of Miura’s independent films were shown: Hair, Ark & Maya: All Mixed Up, and Emily and Blakey (premiering at this event). All are based on Miura’s own experiences and thoughts. After the screening, a talk session was held with Miura, Mr. Iba and Ms. Hinata Kadokura, both of whom appeared in Emily and Blakey, and Associate Professor Takanori Oishi of TUFS. Following the talk session, a mini-concert was held by Miura and the cast. The MC for the event was TUFS student Satoka Mori (4th year, School of International and Area Studies), and Kohei Ishikawa (1st year, School of International and Area Studies), who has been friends with Miura since high school. A poster exhibition related to the screening was also held outside the venue.