Indian Film Axone Premiered in Japan

December 19, 2022

On Saturday, December 17, 2022, the Indian film Axone was screened at the TUFS Cinema South Asian Film Special held at the Agora Global Prometheus Hall.

This film is set in Delhi, India, and the story revolves around a group of young people from northeast India who cook a stew using a strong-smelling local ingredient called axone for their friends who are getting married. The film was subtitled in Japanese for the first time in Japan under the TUFS Cinema Project, with the cooperation of Ms. Mika Fujii, a TUFS graduate and subtitle translator.

After the screening of the film, Professor Makiko Kimura of Tsuda College and Mr. Atouii Miyajima of Japan Community Bible Study International were invited to give a commentary on the film. In their commentary, they talked about the hidden culinary charms of the mountainous northeastern region of India which is an integral part of the nation of India but receives little attention, and the various problems surrounding this region.

During the Q&A session, questions about language, food, and music were asked, showing the high level of interest in this region.